The entire agreement project on one platform.
From the first draft to the digital signature, you can complete every work step on a digital platform.
With the help of an 'intelligent questionnaire', the first draft agreement can be drawn up quickly and according to the company's specifications.
1. Draft without
2. Coordinate
3. Negotiate
without chaos
The team can coordinate change requests internally within the document. Fast and accurate, without the chaos that comes with versions and emails.
Negotiation can take place on the platform as well as via Word export and re-import. All comments and decisions are logged automatically.
4. Sign legally-
5. Archive
Instead of countless versions, only the signed agreement and documentation of the entire history are archived.
Legally-compliant signing is possible directly from within the online document – without additional software.
Intelligent version control
The section-by-section versioning of SMASHDOCs simplifies the work process. This prevents any need to create a completely new version for every small change. Instead, the 'history' of each individual section can be traced in the current document – with just one mouse click. So, at any time, everyone in the team knows when and where a change was made.
Track changes
The 'Track changes' function ensures that you will no longer miss or overlook any changes. This is because every user involved is immediately notified if someone makes corrections in the document. In addition, the new changes are automatically highlighted in colour for the respective user.
Manage permissions
When editing an agreement, users can be assigned roles. Depending on these, they will then have the permission to read, comment or suggest changes. The decision as to which changes are adopted can only be made by appropriately authorised users. This way, unauthorised changes are automatically avoided.
Comment in real time
The comment function in SMASHDOCs allows discussions about agreement contents in real-time. The visibility of the comments can be restricted if required. This way, you avoid unnecessary e-mails. Selected comments can be easily exported to Word.
Integrate WORD users
SMASHDOCs is compatible with Microsoft WORD. It is therefore not necessary for all persons involved in the process to be working online. Thanks to the WORD interface, a WORD document can be exported and re-imported at any time. All content changes and comments are automatically recognised and logged – without creating a new version of the document.
Modular and easy to integrate
SMASHDOCs is a modular solution that adapts to your requirements. Existing modules can be supplemented or extended by other solutions, such as a Playbook addon, for example. In addition, SMASHDOCs can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications, such as DMS systems, BPM platforms or collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams. This way, you remain flexible and future-orientated.
Unique features for better collaboration.
Section-by-section versioning
Eliminates the chaos of different versions.
Automatic notification of any changes
Ensures that you will no longer overlook any changes.
Automatic highlighting of new changes
Eliminates the need for manual version comparisons.
Private comments.
Reduces the flood of e-mails.
Perfect layout at the push of a button.
Eliminates the stress of formatting.
Can be operated on an own cloud server.
Makes you independent from external servers.
MS Word (365)
Google Docs
Test SMASHDOCs for 30 days free of charge with your team.
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