The latest technology for your security.
We know how sensitive agreement projects are. This is why our high-performance cloud servers can be located on your favorite data center provider in the country of your choice. When using SMASHDOCs from the cloud, these fulfil the highest IT security requirements. Or you can simply install it on your own server.
Use SMASHDOCs the way you feel most comfortable.
Your own installation on a server in our data centre, which you will share, in terms of performance, with other customers.
Shared Private Cloud
Dedicated Private Cloud
Own Server
Our own installation on a server in our data centre, which only you use.
Installation on a server in your own data centre.
One of the many security aspects of SMASHDOCs is that no more work results are lost. Even if your computer crashes unexpectedly, any changes and comments already made are safely saved in the cloud. And should a server fail, all data are backed up on parallel servers in real time and are available again immediately.
The only thing that goes down is your workload.
Test SMASHDOCs for 30 days free of charge with your team.
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