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In the past, processing agreements demanded a lot of time. Check out the video to see how you can become up to 50% faster using SMASHDOCs.

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Final, more final, most final: If there is no end to contract versions, anyone can lose track. Using SMASHDOCs, there is just one single version with a changes log.
The intelligent change management in SMASHDOCs does more: All changes can be tracked chronologically and commented on in the document.
Every note and correction in an e-mail? This often means hundreds of messages when it comes to agreements. Here the comments are created directly within the document.
Avoid the chaos of versions
Minimise the effort of changes
Stem the flood of emails

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Your complete agreement project on one platform.
The SMASHDOCs agreement platform is more than just word processing. It has been specially designed for smooth agreement coordination - and ensures efficient and team-orientated work processes.
Creation without errors
Intelligent version control
Commenting in real time
Change tracking
Compatible with Word
Saves time, money and nerves.
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